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Module 2.6 - Run your NC program
Before actually running your program on the machine you should first test it using the graphic simulator.
MEM button
Enter the MEM mode using the Mode keypad.
Setng Graph button
Press the SETNG GRAPH button twice to display the graphic simulation screen.
Start the simulation
Now, you can push the CYCLE START button to start the simulation. (If there are any errors in your code, they will come up during the simulation.)

The graphics simulator will just tell you if you have any errors in your code, but it will NOT tell you if you set your work or tool offsets incorrectly.
Therefore, you might still crash a tool, etc.)

Run your program
After you have resolved all your errors in the graphics simulator, and all other steps are complete, you should be ready to run.

Enter the MEM mode and push CURRENT COMMANDS.

If this is the first run of an untested program, you need to reduce your feeds and speeds (together, so that your machining conditions aren't affected too much) and the speed of rapid travel. Why? Rapid travel moves very quickly bring the tool close to the point where it will begin to cut. If you made any mistakes in either programming or setting your tool or work coordinate offsets, the tool may crash. If the rapid travel is moving slowly enough, you may have a chance to push FEED HOLD and avoid a collision.

Reduce your speeds
Under the overrides menu, you can select slower feeds, speeds and rapid travel. It is strongly recommended that you use 5% RAPID for initial runs! The overrides menu allows you to decrement the speeds and feeds at 10% intervals and you can set the rapid travel to 5%, 25%, or 50%.

Start the program
In this view on the current commands display, the override amounts are shown in the highlighted region. You'll also notice that we set the Single Block setting on, so that we can slowly step through the program line by line.
Start the program

Okay, you should be all ready to cut some metal! Push Cycle Start and your program will run. If you set single block on, you will need to repeatedly push Cycle Start after each line is run. Remember from before that it is a really good idea to keep on finger near the FEED HOLD button while testing a program, so you'll have a chance to react to any problems.

If there are any errors in your program, and alarm message will appear and the program will stop. You can view the error message and then go to the EDIT mode to make changes. We will not cover the numerous problems you might encounter. Refer to the user manual or your NC text, or your instructor for help.