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Module 2.5 - Load your NC program
Loading a program is quite simple. For now, we will focus on loading programs from the memory of the controller and from a floppy disk.
List of Programs
If you already know that a program is in memory, you can simply push LIST PROG on the Mode keypad to display the list of programs stored in the controller.
List of Programs
A list of numbered programs appears on the display. You'll notice an asterisk beside the program we have highligted. You can move the asterisk by pushing ENTER when your desired program is highlighted.
Select your program
Select your program by pushing the SELECT PROG button.
Display your program
Press the MEM mode and then the CURNT COMDS button. The program is now displayed on the screen.
Program Statements
4. If your program is on a computer, you can load it over a network connection. Enter the EDIT mode and the display will appear as shown below.
Loading from a computer
Enter the Edit Mode
In the upper right corner you will see a message "F1 key turns menu on/off." Push the F1 key.
I/O Menu
Use the cursor keys to move over to the I/O menu. This menu lists the places you can look for your NC programs.
Use the cursor keys to select the "Floppy Directory" to list the programs on a disk drive on the computer. As described previously, you can press ENTER when your desired program is highlighted, then push SELECT PROG to bring it into memory.