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Module 2.2 - Load your tools
Refer to the appendix for an explanation on how to mount your tools into the tool holders. Once you have mounted your tools, you are ready to load them into the tool carousel.
MDI Button
Press the MDI button on the Mode Keypad to enter the MDI mode.
Command for retrieving Tool #2
(using the MDI scratch pad view)
Enter code to load the tool under the tool number you have chosen or push ATC/FWD or ATC/REV until the carousel has rotated to the tool number you want to load. (At this point, if there were any tools in the carousel at the location you chose, you'll need to remove them using the tool release button while grasping the tool by its holder) Read the next portion to understand how to remove a tool.
WARNING (You need to make sure that all other NC code is deleted from the scratch pad so that the only code that will be executed is for loading a tool!)
Spindle Tabs
You'll notice that there are two metal tabs on the spindle and there are two slots on the tool holder at the bottom of the taper that must be aligned.

Tool Holder
Note that the tool holder has one unique orientation. You will notice a small tapered hole or indentation. This slot must be facing the tool carousel when you load the tool.
Orient Spindle Button
You need to make sure that the spindle is in the right orientation before you insert the tool. Enter the MDI mode and push the ORIENT SPINDLE button. This will cause the spindle to move to the correct orientation and apply the brakes to hold the spindle steady.
Alignment of the tool holder
The tool holder needs to be aligned as shown. This is the side facing AWAY from the tool carousel, so you'll notice that there is no indentation inside the slot on this side.
Left hand holding the tool holder
With your left hand, grasp the tool you want to load (BELOW THE TWO RINGS ON THE TOOL HOLDER OR YOUR FINGERS/HAND COULD GET PINCHED) and guide it into the spindle, aligning the tabs with the slots.

Right hand on the tool release
With your right hand, press the TOOL RELEASE button. You will hear a rush of air against the top of the tool holder. Once you have the tabs and slots aligned, release the TOOL RELEASE button and your tool will be "sucked" up into place.
7. If you have more tools to load, enter the code to load the next tool, or press ATC/FWD or REV to the next location.