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Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Module 2.1 - Turn on the machine
Emergency Stop Button
Make sure that the Emergency Stop Button is pushed in! This is very important for your safety since it will avoid any sudden movement of the machine mechanisms during start up.
Rear Power Switch
Turn the power switch on the back of the machine to the "ON" position.
Power Switch
Push the green Power ON button and wait for the controller to start up.
Initial Screen
The first screen should look like this and it will take a few seconds to appear.
Startup Screen

Once the controller has started up, this screen will appear. It indicates that the servos are off and the Emergency Stop button is engaged. (Which should have been done at the last power down.)

Emergency Power Switch
Now that the machine controller is on, you can safely turn off the Emergency Stop by twisting it CW until it pops out.
Reset Button
You will need to push RESET for each alarm on the screen.
Reset Button
The screen should now have the message "NO ALARM".
Power Up Button
Make sure the doors are closed and push the POWER UP/RESTART button and wait until all the axes have gone to their home coordinates.
Current Commands View
Finally, the screen should look like this, after it is done taking all the axes to their home positions. This is the CURRENT COMMANDS view.